Payment options

We accept the following payment methods:

1. Prepayment bank transfer

With this selection of the payment method, we will inform you of the bank details in the order confirmation and send the goods after receipt of payment.

You will receive a 2% discount for prepayment by bank transfer.

2. SEPA direct debit

Mit dieser Auswahl erteilen Sie uns ein SEPA-Einzelmandat, damit wir den Rechnungsbetrag von Ihrem Konto abbuchen können. Die Abbuchung erfolgt einen Tag, nachdem die Ware von uns versandt wurde. Zu beachten ist, dass wir in Fällen der Rücklastschrift aufgrund von fehlender Kontodeckung bzw. falscher Kontonummer eine Gebühr von 5,- € erheben und das SEPA-Mandat erlischt. 

With this selection, you give us an individual SEPA mandate so that we can debit the invoice amount from your account. The debit takes place one day after the goods have been dispatched by us. It should be noted that in cases of direct debit, we charge a fee of € 5 due to lack of funds or incorrect account number and the SEPA mandate expires.

 3. PayPal

With this selection, you will be redirected to the website of the provider PayPal. You need a PayPal account for this, which you can set up during the order transaction, if it does not already exist. After the payment has been made by you, you will be redirected to our online shop.

4. Credit card (AMEX, Mastercard and VISA)

After completing the order, your credit card data will be transmitted here for payment. We accept AMEX, Mastercard and VISA.

After you have been legitimized as a legitimate credit card holder, payment will be made to your credit card company after the order is placed. We reserve the right to refuse credit card payments after a thorough examination, should the billing and delivery address, for example, not match.